The funding landscape has changed overnight. Most traditional investors are on the fence, whilst governmental grants, loans and various crowdfunding plattforms rush in to fill the gap.

General support package

The government announced a general package, on the 2nd of April, for companies that can prove to have lost at least 30% revenue in April and Mai, an at least 20% in March. Find the support model and information package here:

General support for companies with income decline

Grants ↓

The grant landscape has shifted. Here is a list of some of the most valuable ones.

Innovation Norway has been given the main responsibility on behalf of the government, in its effort to support the startup scene. We will list all their grants and services in collaboration with them. For now the programs are not a 100% set and these are the links that give you the best insight about what is to come – we will update regularly.

Update Innovation Norway crisis packages – 15. Apr


Banks and Innovation Norway both operate with other loan frames, due to loan garanties from the government. You should contact your bank as soon as possible (if you have not already) to see how this applies to you.


Crowdfunding comes in many forms and could help get you through the crisis. We have listed the ones we know.


Investinor have been boosted by the government to dem up for a dry capital markets, but other investors are taking pitches too. We will connect good startups with investors in our network.

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