Innovation House: MESH and Founders House open Matrikel1 at Højbro Plads 8-10, close neighbors to Slotsholmens kanal and Christianborg palace.

We’re opening the the largest innovation house in Denmark, situated in the innermost part of Copenhagen: Matrikel1 at Højbro Plads, says Tine Thygesen, CEO of The Creators Community.
A 3600 m2 innovation house for Denmark’s leading creators, across industries, age and demography, will open in May 2018. By using technology, real estate, and community, our intention behind the house is to gather individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and empower them to create.

– We invite people who have gained practical experience through building their own projects, regardless of whether they are growth entrepreneurs, artists, creators or investors, says Thygesen.

– We are entrepreneurs ourselves and understand the importance of facilitating those who are able to create. The process of fulfilling big ambitions is personal and professionally challenging, especially at a level one may not understand without having done all the work. People who have carried out ambitious projects have unique skill sets and insight that we want to support and build on.This is why we’re setting up a special building and network aimed at these groups of creators. We want to help strengthen the core of the creative ecosystem, says The Creators Community cofounder and CPO, Anders Mjåset.

Inside Matrikel1: These are some of the rooms that will turn in to offices and members club for creators when Matrikel1 opens in May.

Inside Matrikel1 you can find flexible workspace, high-end event space, meeting rooms, offices, a café, a wine and artisan beer bar, and of utmost importance: the most exciting community in Denmark.

– Matrikel1 gathers people with creative talent and aims to tear down the barriers that surround great people within their fields. Copenhagen has a tendency to embody a silo mentality, and is quite unique when it comes to not working and collaborating across the creative sectors; whether that’s music, tech or architecture. Matrikel1 can change that, says Mark Emil Hermansen, Co-founder of Copenhagen-based Empirical Spirits, and former Concept Manager of the World’s best restaurant, Noma.

The Director of Sotheby’s, Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg, believes Matrikel1 will be an important facilitator for the community.
– People come to Denmark not only for business but also to enjoy the art, design, fashion, and food – at Matrikel1 you will have the possibility to discover it all. I like to show my guests the very best when they visit, and at Matrikel1 you can have private meetings, but also meet other entrepreneurs within different fields – which is an exciting aspect. For Copenhagen, it’s essential and about time that they can offer a meeting place for creative minds, says Wedell-Wedellsborg.

Co-founders: Anders Mjåset and Tine Thygesen from The Creators Community, which houses 60 employees and a turnover of 6.5 million USD in 2017.

When Founders House in Copenhagen merged with MESH in November 2016 we became the largest creators community in the Nordics. On February 22nd we are launching the holding company The Creators Community, and will open our third site: Matrikel1, at Højbro Plads in May 2018. New sites are already planned.

– There is a societal shift that is changing how people work. The digital generation’s way of working effectively, and how we become inspired, is different from our parents’ analogue generation. The way we gather information and the way we learn is conditioned dependent on the digital. A cellular office in a dead office building does not do it for the new generation. Entrepreneurs now create their own infrastructure that suits the modern employee. The Creators Community encompasses buildings, networks and services, that correlate with the creators’ way of thinking, says Thygesen.

Members: The Creators Community


  • A 3600m2 innovation house. Doors open May 2018 at Højbro Plads 8-10.
  • Matrikel1 is a shared workspace for several hundred people.
  • Both flex desks, fixed offices, and Club memberships.
  • The first private membership club in Copenhagen.
  • Matrikel1’s architecture and corner location provides natural lighting, and a panorama view of Højbro Plads, Christiansborg, Thorvaldsens Museum, Knippelsbro and Slotsholmens kanal.
  • All investors have invested privately. Among others, they include:
    • Mette Lykke (founder of Endomondo, CEO, Too Good To Go)
    • Morten Strunge (founder of Onfone and Mofibo)
    • Jimmy Fussing Nielsen (managing partner, Sunstone Capital)
    • Gregers Kronborg (former partner Northzone Ventures)
    • Steen Ulf Jensen (former CEO Viasat and founder of Boxer TV)
    • Christian Jepsen  (managing partner, Sunstone Capital)
    • Martin Hauge (former partner Creandum Ventures)

The Creators Community: Matrikel1 at Højbro Plads in Copenhagen.

The Creators Community

  • The Creators Community launched today and is our overall brand and holding company, combining our sites. Our previous name was MESH Holding.
  • The Creators Community, consists of Matrikel1, Founders House, Startup Village, in Copenhagen, and MESH in Oslo.
  • The Nordics’ first and largest independent initiative for entrepreneurs, with 1300 members and 300 companies.
  • Notable companies: Kahoot!, Spotify, Vivino, Douchebags, Snapchat, Planday, Realm, Brain+, Sunstone.
  • Both Founders House (2017) and MESH (2015) have been awarded “Best Coworking Space in the Nordics”.
  • When The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate had their first official visit to Norway the first week of February ‘18, The Norwegian Crown Prince couple arranged a reception for them at MESH, Oslo, together with the country’s top 50 entrepreneurs.

The Creators Community run all sites without any governmental funding.

The Creators Community: Startup Village in Copenhagen.


When Founders House, opened its doors in Copenhagen in April 2011, it was the first tech coworking space in the Nordics that emerged from a practical need. Tine Thygesen and her four cofounders were entrepreneurs themselves and needed a great place to work for their companies. The opened up in a cosy  apartment-style building near Kgs Nytorv and filled the space with friends that were fellow entrepreneurs. 

In 2012, the Nordic startup scene was local and driven by a few inspired souls. When the co-founder of MESH, Anders Mjåset, started PramPack, there was no ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Norway. He traveled around the leading international innovation hubs and saw how a new generation of entrepreneurs created an infrastructure suited for a digital generation. This infrastructure created opportunities for entrepreneurs at a different level than the bureaucratic Norwegian innovation environment he was used to. Mjåset considered to start his next business from one of the leading hubs, but chose to stay in Norway to help modernize the Norwegian startup scene and connect it internationally.

As a 25-year-old, he and his co-founder sold PramPack to Stokke, and used the money they earned to start Norway’s first independent initiative for entrepreneurs. MESH was established in 2012 and is now the largest, coworking space in Norway.

MESH and Founders House merged in November 2016, where Tine Thygesen became CEO of the overall Nordic company, working closely with Anders Mjåset, who became CPO (chief product officer) and COO Karl Kristian Wickstrøm.

On 22. February 2018 The Creators Community launched – the overall brand and holding company, as well as a new site, Matrikel1, that will open at Højbro Plads 8-10 in May 2018, as the largest innovation house in Denmark in the innermost part of Copenhagen.

The Creators Community has 60 employees with a turnover in 2017 for 6.5 million USD, and has received external funding for 2.5 million USD.

The Creators Community: Startup Village in Copenhagen.

The Creators Community: MESH in Oslo.