The changing landscape around us has legal implications. To enable you to react to these changes, we have set up a free legal service.

Legal Drop-in every Wednesday 10:00-12:00 

The team at Arntzen de Besche is ready to help with Corona related questions or other legal issues. Drop-in for a quick video call – completely free of charge and with no strings attached. Push the drop-in button for the next slots:

Templates & Guidelines

We will add in templates and guidelines soon and update regularly. Stay tuned for now.

Lay-offs and other employment law issues

What employers need to know about temporary lay-offs – step-by-step.

Employees’ and employer’s rights

Duties during the corona crisis.

Data protection
How can employers lawfully process personal data about employees during the corona crisis?

Tilbakeføring av underskudd, redusert sats og utsatt innbetaling for arbeidsgiveravgift, mv.

COA dugnad
Contract between landlords and tenants.