Enriching the Dining Experience
– Our kitchen is a hybrid. We’re a restaurant, café, cafeteria, and catering service all at the same time. In order to maintain quality and efficiency of everything we make, we’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve, says head chef Oscar Tassanari.

– Creatively, it keeps us on our toes.

As a half Swedish Italian citizen, Tassanari brings a lot of culinary and cultural discipline to the plate. Having worked in different kitchens around town including one with Michelin stars, Tassanari previously commanded the kitchen at Tranen as joint head chef.

Tassanari prepares ‘The ‘Otto’ – a dinkel wheat risotto made with parsley root and parsley butter.
Photo: Christian Danielsen

With a menu based in Italian cuisine, the MESH kitchen uses Scandinavian produce to recreate authentic Italian classics. ‘The ‘Otto’ – a dinkel wheat risotto and ‘The Pasta’ – a pasta stirred in homemade pesto, are a few Italian dishes to expect from the new menu.

– For us, it’s important that our dishes embody simplicity. At the same time, we’re focused on creating quality food for a reasonable price. That way we’re able to stay conscious of minimizing food waste, while enriching the dining experience for guests and members. A healthy balance, he says.

Head Chef Tassanari outside of MESH in Tordenskiolds gate 3. 
Photo: Christian Danielsen

Aimed at holding his kitchen to a high standard, Tassanari relies on not only his expertise, but the expertise of those around him.

– A strong work environment is key when delivering, he quips, before laughing.

– It doesn’t hurt when you have authentic Italians in the kitchen.

A Nordic Coffee Break
While the kitchen is always in gear, the café acts as the ‘good morning’ reception and ticket to a hot cup of coffee to accompany your work. The baristas use organic espresso made from a local roastery in Oslo. The café also offers an array of different teas and Scandinavian pastries straight from MESH’s oven.

The MESH café provides organic coffee and Scandinavian baked goods.
Photo: Christian Danielsen

Pushing the Palette
– In my experience, I’ve always been fond of cocktail bars that combine minimalistic detail with an understanding of taste. That includes everything from cocktail glasses, to garnishes to the ice cubes, says bar manager Mathias Alsen.

– It’s something I’m excited to instill here at MESH.

After living and working as a bartender in Barcelona, Alsén has been using the past couple of months to craft a selection of handpicked beers and spirits for the new bar. Inspired by his travels and food from the kitchen, it’s the creative force behind the bar that channels him.

Gingerbread Ramos Gin Fizz made with spiced gin and topped with a crystalized gingerbread sugar garnish. Served cold by Bar Manager, Mathias Alsén.
Photo: Christian Danielsen

– One of the drinks on the new menu is made with fresh tomatoes infused into Spanish sherry, mixed with lemon, vodka and organic sparkling apple-wine. It’s all about finding a combination of different tastes that push the palette, he says.

Implementing a practice that’ll wake up most cocktail connoisseurs, Alsén has concocted two drinks on the menu by using a method that turns the clock back in time.

– Clarified milk punch. It’s a process that helps reduce the labor and waste of pressing lime and lemon juice that go bad after a few days. That means fresh juice, fresh spices, fresh produce are always ready for the glass. The preservation makes the ingredients immune against time. It’s a technique that doesn’t take away from the quality of the cocktail. Instead, it presents a clear and fresh aesthetic taste to the drink, he explains.

Bar Manager, Mathias Alsén shows off the Clarified Curry Colada, a clarified milk punch beverage to expect from the new menu. 
Photo: Christian Danielsen

Noting the openness, high roof, and rugged walls of MESH’s backyard, Alsén couldn’t imagine a better place to introduce the new menu.
– There are no other bars in town that offer the kind of locale or space that we have. MESH has a unique beauty that buzzes on creativity, Alsen says, before continuing.
– We hope that the new drink menu adds to the energy that makes this a vibrant place.

Bar Manager, Mathias Alsén at MESH.
Photo: Christian Danielsen

Source for Creators
Amanda Elf, MESH’s longtime Head of Hospitality, agrees with Alsén.

– I’ve always envisioned the backyard of MESH to be a source of conversation and stimulation for creators. By elevating the quality of the kitchen, café, and bar we hope to encourage and welcome creatives, she says.