The Creators Community raises 40M NOK to expand our innovation house concept to more locations

Tine Thygesen, CEO, The Creators Community

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured funding for a considerable expansion across the Nordics.

With backing from some of the most successful real estate people and prominent tech investors in the region, we’re now perfectly positioned to open more workspaces and innovation hubs in more cites, as well as expand in cities we’re already in.

This round’s investors include Ivar Koteng, Møller Eiendom, Johan Odfjell, Daimyo, Vestaksen, Tharald Nustad, Ivar Arnesen, Petter Fornæss and Wiski Capital.

In April, we’re expanding two of our existing sites. DIGS in Trondheim is growing to 5,000 m2 and Matrikel1 in Copenhagen is expanding with 7,600 m2. Combining that with our sites, Mesh in Oslo and Founders House in Copenhagen, (where we also operate Startup Village) our 100 employees now operate 24,000 m2 of workspace. Our different brands target different segments of growth companies, investors, entrepreneurs, digital artists and technologists.

We believe you become the average of the people you surround yourself with. Therefore, our purpose is to connect people with a growth mindset, and we believe that’s best done in beautiful workspaces that are effective to work from.

We’re stoked we can now do that for even more entrepreneurial souls across the Nordics.