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By using technology, real estate and community we build next generation work spaces. We gather individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset: Challengers, thinkers, artists and pioneers who want to make a positive impact on the future.


Copenhagen, Denmark

At the ultimate location in Copenhagen, Matrikel1 serves as The Creators Community’s Danish headquarters, and is the focal point for entrepreneurship and disruptive businesses in Denmark. The site provides high-end event space, membership club, Food and Drink Bar, flexible work space, lounge and offices uniquely for creators at the edge of their field.

Visit us at Højbro Plads 10, 1200 Copenhagen, Denmark


Oslo, Norway

MESH is the first coworking space in Norway, and the leading independent initiative for Norwegian entrepreneurs. At the ultimate location in Oslo with 10,000m2 and 750 active members, MESH is the focal point for entrepreneurship and disruptive businesses. The site provides Food and Drink Bar, inspiring event space, work lounge, meeting rooms, curated memberships, and flexible offices uniquely for creators wanting to change status quo.

Visit us at Tordenskiolds gate 3, Oslo, Norway.


Trondheim, Norway

DIGS was the first coworking space in Trondheim and has played a key role in supporting startups and creatives since 2013, with a mission to create a thriving and evolving community.With the recent expansion, DIGS has become the central hub for startups, scaleups, creatives and other actors in Mid-Norway’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. By joining The Creators Community, DIGS has strengthened links to the Nordic startup scene, as well as the international entrepreneurial network.

Visit us at Krambugata 2, Trondheim, Norway.

Founders House

Copenhagen, Denmark

Founders House is the first tech co-working in the Nordics. This niche site is for selected, ambitious and scalable tech companies. The 150 entrepreneurs, developers, growth hackers and creators that work in Founders House daily, all work together in a community where people help each other succeed and move faster. Founders House is centered in Copenhagen Startup Village.

Visit us at Njalsgade 19D, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Startup Village

Copenhagen, Denmark

Startup Village is a hub for high-growth tech startups. 14,000m2 spread over four adjacent former warehouses and two office buildings in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. The community consist of more than 40 internationally minded startups and high-growth businesses. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and passion of its over 500 inhabitants, it has been drawing consistent industry attention.

Startup Village is founded and administered by The Creators Community.

Visit us at Njalsgade 19D, Copenhagen, Denmark.




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